Cape Vintners International
South Africa

Owner & Proprietor: Rainer Kloos

Telephone: +27(0)82 449 7666



A Stellenbosch law graduate, Rainer has had a long standing fascination and involvement in the international wine industry. He is a member of a family of winegrowers from Ingelheim in the Rheinhessen region of Germany, was the marketing director for one of South Africa's largest wine companies, and founded the Diners Club Wine Society in South Africa. In 1993, Rainer established Cape Vintners International (CVI), a leading import and export company.

The team consists of wine buyers, logistics partners, wine tasters ( thats the fun part ! ) and a number of key support staff who see to your effortless and hassle-free world wide shipping.

Recently CVI has specialised in assisting visitors to the Cape with the logistics of getting the wine back home. Rainers advice is to taste all the wines whether at wineries, on the wine estates or in restaurants, note the wine and when back home order your favourite selections and CVI will take care of the rest.

The most economical way is to order a pallet, which is approximately 360 bottles. The price for the shipment to most parts of Europe to the nearest large city costs approximately 1 Euro per bottle.( Twelve bottles, air freighted, will cost you approximately 200!!!) It takes a little longer but the reward of opening bottles of South African wines for some time to come is enormous. You have the added bonus that most top-end wines are seldom, if ever, available in Europe and indeed when they are they cost substantially more.

So taste, sip, swirl and take notes during your visit, return home, order the wines, pay in Rands excluding 14% VAT and enjoy some SA sunshine many times over!

In Vino Veritas